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Köpfer vom Fünfer

This year’s summer seems to have come to an end. Time to make one last jump into the water!
I am not a good swimmer. But over the years I made myself feel quite comfortable in public pools.
Are you sometimes ashamed of your swiming skills in public, too? I never made it through Seepferdchen… and one time a friend had to pull me out of the water bc I was about to drown in Schwimmkurs and the teacher/trainer didn’t notice or care… Haha. Thanks forever, Sabine! 

I am so happy that my kids love the pool and swimming… and I hope they don’t smell this deep fear of water that’s still lurking inside of me.
This was a rough sketch for a client project that didn’t make it through the pitch. I liked it and the minimal approach… so I added some inbetweens and a bit of sfx and now I am happy to share it with all you swimmers and divers. Funny how the timing of the splash defines the height of the board. 

[among other sounds I used “Splash, Jumping, D.wav” by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org]